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Our focus

Individual Program Design for All Members
Program Design

A strength and conditioning program tailored to your goals and needs. evaluating your structural balance, hormonal response, unique strengths and weaknesses, mobility, nutrition, preferred workout schedule, stress levels, and more we will be able to design a program to guide you down the path of success.

Small Group Training

Training groups are limited to 10 athletes with a dedicated trainer on the floor ensuring proper movement and safety. Trainers are tasked with understanding the coaches program design for each athlete. Video, verbal cues, and one on one recurring consultations are used as feedback and growth opportunities for each athlete.

Personal Training

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite/professional athlete, our coaches and trainers provide one on one training tailored to your individual program design and long term goals.

Custom Nutrition

Every athlete is different and so is the nutrition needed to fuel their performance in and out of the gym. We design custom post-workout shakes and meal replacements for all our athletes as well as offer personal chef options for busy athletes.

About US

To Develop, Support, & Challenge Athletes

We specialize in creating individual program designs for all our members. We are committed to providing high-level personalized coaching with the most fun, effective, and challenging workout ever devised. Our foundational exercises mimic natural human movement. Together we squat, push, pull, run and jump – with or without weight – based on your current fitness level. Exercises are scalable depending on your level of fitness, and our coaches are committed to your safety and efficacy as their number one priority.

  • Individual Program Design
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle
  • Group & Individual Training
  • State of the Art Facility

Our Team

The coaches at Massif come from diverse athletic backgrounds and experiences. Click to learn more!
Nick Fowler
Owner/Head Coach
Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. World record holder for speed ascents and completed many first ascents on alpine routes. Program Design Coach at Training Think Tank.
Andria Kern
Operations Manager
From San Francisco, CA. Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies & Public Affairs; Masters of Science in Project Management & International Marketing; CrossFit Level 1 Trainer; CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer; CrossFit Games South Region Staff; Paleo F(X) Tribe Leader
Tony Mares
Training Coordinator
Born & raised in Utah, Tony graduated with a degree in respiratory therapy. His early career was spent working with critically ill patients in a variety of intensive care units and flying with the University of Utah’s Air Med medical transport team. He has been an onsite judge for The CrossFit Games in Carson, CA.
Josh St. Jeor
Coach, Tier1
Focus: Strength & Conditioning; Body Composition; Movement; Nutrition
Bryan Gordon
Olympic Weightlifting Coach
From Long Island, NY. CrossFit Level 1; ASCM Certified Personal Trainer; CrossFit Football; CrossFit Strongman; CrossFit Power Lifting; USAW Sports Performance Coach; A.A.S. Fitness Specialist. Specializes in Olympic Lifting, Strength & Conditioning for Athletes, & Weight Loss

Membership Options

We have various memberships to meet your athletic goals.

Group Training

Three Levels Available
Prices Range Per Month
  • Individualized Programming
  • Monthly One on One Consult
  • Group Classes
  • Customized Nutrition
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Personal Training

Four Levels Available
Prices Range Per Month
  • Individualized Programming
  • One on One Coaching
  • Train 2, 3, 4, or 5x a week
  • Customized Nutrition
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Off-Site Athlete

Remote Programming
Prices Range Per Month
  • Individualized Programming
  • Monthly One On One Consult
  • Customized Nutrition
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Recovery & Mobility

One on One & Group Options
Prices Range Per Month
  • PNF Sessions
  • Marc Pro
  • Weekly Mobility Class
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