Massif Athlete Rich Nicholes & The World’s Toughest Mudder Experience Written by Rich Nicholes In the most basic of explanations, my race was epic!  I did not accomplish a single goal, but I left everything I had on the course.   I had everything dialed in on my pre-race prep.   I put on a good 7 – 10 lbs (I never did a pre-race weight) in carb loading.  I was hydrated so well, I was peeing every 20 minutes prior to the race.  I carried a water bottle with me constant for 2 days prior.  I was as well rested as one would expect, given the late start time and pre-race jitters.  I pre-soaked in a hot tub and took epson salt baths.  My mind was focused.   I checked in on the Friday prior to race day and got my bib, credentials, and pit time.  It took about an hour of waiting in line before I got my bib.  When they handed me […]

Getting strong and healthy the Massif way!

This past fall Nick talked me into getting back into the “weightlifting” scene and try his programming. The last time I had lifted anything inside of a gym was 2005, my senior year of college as a football athlete. My worst fear was gaining weight and losing all of the health benefits one receives when training aerobically. Today my entire exercise physiology degree was turned upside down when I completed a health screening. My resting heart rate and blood pressure were lower then when I was an “aerobic athlete”. In the six months of working with Nick I have increased my weight to strength ratio and most importantly, became healthier. Nick’s programming has allowed me to improve my over all health, and achieve a level of beast mode I can not attain alone. The programming, the motivation, and the diet recommendations can take weekend warrior or aspiring athlete to a level that is unthinkable. I’m pretty stoked to be as fit as I am, but […]