Meet Erin Butler: Boston Marathoner, student, and one of the newest athletes joining the Massif Athletics family. Erin has been running marathons since her early years in college with a year spent on the Westminster cross-country team. She has run many half and full marathons including the New York marathon where she qualified for the Boston marathon. Six months prior to the race, Erin was sidelined by a knee injury. Not one to get discouraged, Erin joined Massif a month and a half ago with hopes that our individual programming design might change up her training routine and help her achieve her goals of running the Boston Marathon. During her time spent at Massif, Erin has experienced an improved range of motion and flexibility as well as strength in areas that she overlooked as she focused on running.

For Erin, the race was one of the most challenging mentally and physically she had ever done. The day before the race, she had the opportunity to attend a lecture put on by two elite runners, one of which had won the Boston marathon years prior. What they said struck a cord deep down in Erin and ended up helping her finish the race. The runners discussed the importance of each step. The importance of intention. As runners, each step is a choice and dictates the following steps. Encouraged, Erin enter the race with her personal intentions and choices at the forefront of her mind. She felt strong, grinning from ear to ear —until her left leg started to cramp up in a way she had never experienced before.

Erin had two choices. To give in to the disappointed, self-critical voice in her head that didn’t understand why this was happening, or to remove her attachment to her even splits and focus on the end goal: to finish the race. What Erin did sums up the epitome of a mature athlete. She looked up, took in the spectators that were cheering in the poor raining. She high-fiver some kids as she ran by and reflected on what happened just three years ago on that race course. Erin spoke on the moment and said she was,

“thankful and honored to be apart of such a iconic race for Boston and for runners around the world. I crossed the finish line 15 min slower than I had hoped but not one regrettable step.”

Erin finished the race with a 3:45:09. We asked Erin, what her next goals look like now that she has a Boston in the bag. She is excited to run half-marathons again with the objective to beat her PR of 1:27. If you see Erin around the gym this week give her a big ‘ol high five!