A #MassifAthlete shares her experience after 9 months of training with Massif Athletics.

As a masters athlete, many times as I advanced in skills and increased barbell weights I seemed to get injured. That was when I contacted [Massif Athletics remote coach] Cori for help. From her initial assessment of me, she was able to identify many muscle imbalances and weaknesses contributing to my body not moving incorrectly and repeatedly getting injured. She then designed a very specific individual program to correct these issues, as well as move me forward as an athlete in all areas: strength, power, endurance, agility, flexibility, balance, and overall performance.

I have committed to Cori’s programming for 9 months now and have seen dramatic results. I am stronger, no longer get injured, my muscle imbalances have improved, and I have developed an engine that I never thought was possible. Cori taught me the true meaning of digging deep along with life balance. Along with my individual program design, she also prescribed the perfect nutrition plan for me designed to fuel me for performance while keeping my body composition at its optimum level. I have never had this much energy and felt so good going into WODs. I highly recommend her for all your programming and nutrition needs as well as her expertise on Olympic lifting!