Massif Athlete Rich Nicholes & The World’s Toughest Mudder Experience Written by Rich Nicholes In the most basic of explanations, my race was epic!  I did not accomplish a single goal, but I left everything I had on the course.   I had everything dialed in on my pre-race prep.   I put on a good 7 – 10 lbs (I never did a pre-race weight) in carb loading.  I was hydrated so well, I was peeing every 20 minutes prior to the race.  I carried a water bottle with me constant for 2 days prior.  I was as well rested as one would expect, given the late start time and pre-race jitters.  I pre-soaked in a hot tub and took epson salt baths.  My mind was focused.   I checked in on the Friday prior to race day and got my bib, credentials, and pit time.  It took about an hour of waiting in line before I got my bib.  When they handed me […]

The Truth About Deadlifting

  The deadlift is one of the most misunderstood lifts.  You have a bunch of internet experts telling people that ‘they’re using their back’ when their position is fine, while others applaud ‘good form’ when their back angle is awful. To clear things up, I’m going to address the different misconceptions in the starting position of this lift. Misconception #1: Stay tall.  “The more upright you are, the better.” I’m not sure where this idea of staying upright and ‘keeping your chest up’ came from. In most cases, this causes more dysfunction than it fixes. That last sentence may have blown your mind. Many of you may be shaking your head. Let’s take a look. When people try to keep their chest up, they do a few things that hinder a healthy start position.  First, usually they bring their hips into more of a squat position, instead of pushing them back and engaging their hamstrings, which should be a primary focus of the lift. Consider the purpose of deadlifting versus the back squatting. In other words, what are we […]